B sides

Everyone is gay. We hug, we kiss, we say we love each other but only because after we can say that we were just joking. This kind of jokes aren’t fun at all. They hurt..but sometimes it’s all we have. There is nothing wrong with loving someone no matter of their sex, religion or race. We live in a world where love is prohibited and nobody minds the hate all around us. All we have to do to make it work is just to say ” Fuck it. I’m gonna love whoever I want to love no matter what the people around me might say. ” Cause why does it matter if your friends like the person you’re dating? You should like that person, but if you say you love them while still caring what the others say I am sorry to tell you…but I don’t think you know how to love anything.

I’ve been said to be ‘naturally’ depressed. I should try to see the good part in everything. Don’t worry, someone is already trying to fix me.


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