Two cherry flowers

I hope that the cherry flowers won’t grow into your lungs after you’ll be dead, but if they do I wish to eat two cherries which will be coming out of your mouth, lying on your perfectly shaped lips. Before that, the cherry flowers will have been white or pink, I don’t know for sure but I hope they will be white cause you look really good in white, a wood will already be in your lungs. Maybe the plant will hug them and hopefuly your heart too. I haven’t decided yet why you will have a cherry tree growing out of your mouth, but I think it will be because you one ate my last two cherries. When I was ten and standing on my desk at school looking at my legs dancing in the air while eating cherries you came to me. You slowly put those contured lips on my left cheek and pressed them hard. I thought you liked me then. Maybe you did, I’ll never know. While I was enjoying the feeling of your lips on my skin you sneaked your hand and took my last two cherries. I have always saved the best for last so these were the most perfect cherries I had seen that day. Since that day I want them back. Now I am sad. The only way I’ll ever get them back in by letting them grow out of your lugs. Out of yours, my beloved. Out of yours from all out there, someone has chosen yours..just like I did.
I am terrified. What if one day, from the darkness of my heart, when us two won’t be apart, I’ll be blinded and I’ll see that I want cherries more than I want you to be.


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