Deep in the woods there lives a girl. Not on her own but with her beast. She has skin white like milk, eyes big and dark like night and white hair that jumps with her with waves that bring the sea into the forest. She has never killed anything or anyone. That’s the beast’s role. The beast is very strong but looks like an ordinary man. Not even a fly is alowed to touch her skin if the beast doesn’t want to. Sometimes the girl is afraid that the beast will hurt her so badly that she will die, or at least she will wish to die. It wouldn’t be a big decision to make. She has always been ready to give him everything she had, even her life if that’s what he wanted. He is unpredictable. She is everything he says he wants. She is herself in every way he wants. She is everything he ever wanted and everything he ever will. She is married to the beast. The girl used to have hair just as black as her eyes but then she saw the way he looked at some white bird that once came by. He looked like he was trapped into it’s beauty. From that day she turned her hair white so she can feel just as beautiful as that bird felt. And then she felt beautiful cause he loved her more and more every time he looked at her and that was the only reason she wished to live. She didn’t want to learn to fly, she didn’t want to leave to explore, didn’t want the chocolate she heared from cats in the forest that the people have, she didn’t want to catch any special butterfly. Her only wish was to live forever with that one and only beast who loved her. But living with him is not that easy. He looks like she’s been told that angels look. Pale complexion with rose cheeks, eyes like honey mixed with coffee and lips like they were designed to fit on her’s. The beast is a bit taller than she is, just enough so she has to get up on her toes to kiss him, just enough so he must pick her up to kiss her. The man has told her all of his secrets before he bringed her into the woods. She knew that he was a beast unlike the others. He can see the thoughts in her head, he can feel whatever it is that she feels, he is always inside her mind, but it’s only himself he can see cause that’s all that’s on her mind. The girl dances aroud the fire every night. The beast stands in a tree with his eyes glued to her’s. He seems like he is watching his prade from distance. She has always loved to dance and after he is so seduced by her in the flame’s light that makes her look like a blaze he comes down and dances with her while the girl sings to him a lovely song. After that, in summer nights, they sleep by the fire and in the morning, when the fire is gone, they wake up in the ashes. She gets her hair dirty by the ashes cause he holds her so close to his body and folds her whole head with his hands that it doesn’t ever touch the ground. He would do anything for the girl that’s white and pure. Anything but one, he wouldn’t give his life to save her because of one thing he saw in her thoughts. She doesn’t want to live without him, so if he dies, they’ll both be dead and that would be too tragic. They are soulmates. They have one soul that is her. The beast doesn’t have one. He is only bones, blood, flesh, hopes, smartness and everything the girl needs. If she needs warm he will make the blood pump faster through her veins, if she needs cool he will carry her to the river and stay there with her as long as she wants, if she is hungry he goes to hunt for her. He will never let her alone cause his only fear is losing her so she must watch every time he kills something. The man thought at first that she would be disgusted and she will be somehow afraid of him, but that didn’t happen. The girl enjoys watching him hunt. For her it feels like watching him being himself with no border lines cause let’s be honest, a beast is made to kill. Nothing in the forest can hurt him, not even the strongest and the crazyest bear, not even the most hungry wolf, not even the things outside the forest can hurt him. Their life probably seems like a fairy tale to you, ordinary people, and it somehow is, they have freedom, youth, health, strength and undonditonal love. But for the girl everything is new in this life from the forest and at the same time comes so naturally like it has been written in the stars. She hasn’t been always so good and pure. Before she met him she was evil like a witch. She used to poison all the people she hated, and the people she loved she used to push away from her. That was all before the man came into her house as a stranger. She was blinded by his unusual beauty. Every girl she knew loved him secretly but they had been all warned from the time that they were girls that one day, a man who looks like an angel will come and take one of them. They also told them that the handsome man is a beast that kills without second thoughts, that he is danger in the most concentrate form, that from the day he will take a girl he would make her his slave, that he would hurt her every night and the most tragic of them all, he would make her bring to life a pair of twin boys that would be exactly like him. All this things were supposed to frighten, and they did. The girl was terrified from the day she heared the story, but one week later, the beast knocked at her parents’s door. Her mother was very happy that a beautiful stranger would want to marry her strange and dark daughter and the girl was hypnotised by his sweet words and lovely voice. The man told her that he is a beast, that he is dangerous, that he can’t be trusted, but he also promissed to do her no harm. Her father wasn’t home at the time she left, but when he heared that his one and only daughter had been taken he went insane, he started searching for her in the hole forest, but no matter how long he was searching, she could never be found. When the beast and the girl first got there he ripped off all her clothes. In her eyes he didn’t seem frightening at all and she still can’t find any reason good enough for him to not be loved. In the first night they didn’t talk. He took her head into his sculpted hands and looked into her eyes. That was the moment when she decided that what she felt for the beast was no other thing but love. The beast didn’t expect that. He didn’t even dream that someone could love him. He had always thought of himself as a horrible, arogant and selfish person, but when he looked into her mind and saw the blindness and pureness of her love he couldn’t ever think only about himself ever again. There has never been ‘I’ again, there has been only ‘we’ and ‘you’. But that is enough about the past.
One day of autumn, while they were standing in each other’s arms on a bed of leafs, the man turned his head to look the white girl in the eye and told her:
” You, my love, are my wife even if I gave you no ring. Some nights I fall asleep feeling guilty because of this. I have one question for you. Which one do you prefer, the sun or the moon? ”
The girl thought about it for days and days until she found the right answer.
” I prefer the moon. I am the moon. You are the sun. You are vital and also dangerous. I have a dark side, not like you. You are bright in every way. I was the moon and I’ll always be. Plus that, I am pretty much white like it ” she chuckles.
The night that followed, when she was catching her breath, the beast made a magic trick for her. He made a silver ring appear in his hand. It was the most beautiful she had ever seen. It was delicate like it was braided by small fairies and had a black diamond on it that was so dark that looked like it had been taken from a dragon’s crib and fitted on her finger like it has finally come where it belonged. She almost cried as she saw it on. It was so special…a white girl with a ring that has a dragon stone. Everything in her life seemed beyond her imagination, her blind love, her beloved beast, the place where they lived and herself, stronger and warmer than she ever thought she could be.
This girl thinks that she is special, but that’s only in the beast’s eyes, for the rest of us she is a little bitch, a cheap shot, spreading her legs for the beast boy.


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