I am Brian’s broken heart

I hate all that you are, a hypocrite that’s easily bored, that lies just cause it’s better that way. I hate that I care enough to even say. I wish that you were Brian, so I could have stronger reasons to hate you. I could say that you make me cry, cause believe me, he does, with every lyric he sings. But you’re not and I hate that. I hate the way you never smile to anyone but me. I hate the way you always pretend and the way you never fake it. I hate the way you make me feel dumb. The way you hate all the skinny bitches makes me want to hit you. I hate the way you know me, I can’t even say one lie, fake one smile, hide one scar, not even one dirty thought. I hate the way I know you, with more completely opposites. Some parts that love and some that judge, I hate them all. I despise the way your hair feels, soft, like trying to trick me that you’re a child, but I know you aren’t and probably never really was. I hate your every scar, your every story, every word that comes out of your lips that are too full. I hate the way you try to protect me, say you want to do this, but you aren’t even here to hold me. I hate how scared I am, desperate beyond flesh, and you areb’t even a bit stressed. I hate that I never wanna see you fall. I never wanna taste your poisoned blood. i never wanna live throught your sick mind. I hate that I love even your smell. I hate the way I hate you. Not even a bit, not even at all.


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