Taste it

Hold me in your arms.
Love me like your best friends did.
Promise I will hurt you, kid.
Hold me really tight until the stars look big.
Never let me go. – Lana Del Rey
Some days I love you so much I think I could folat away. All the other days are the ones in which I bet that you love me. You, all of you are so naive. Telling me about yourself, about how you are smart and gifted and strong enough to face anyone. I must say that it’s the worst thing you can possibly do. I can’t even say how much I enjoy hearing every lie you believe is true. Every time you try to lie to yourself you aren’t even lying to me. You say you can read my mind, but already I know you can cause I’ve read yours and all I saw was a reflection of mine. Now you kind of stopped. You became weaker. You trust me. Lovely, but still a big mistake. The most sweet thing I’ve heared from you is that you want to learn me how to read minds. But my darling, how are you going to do this magnificent thing? I am still wondering how did you plan it. Maybe I should have told you. Now I kind of regret I didn’t. You might get mad at me if you find out. The only thing I have left to do is to say that you managed to teach me, but that would be just another lie. Outside I’m content but inside I’m boiling.


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