Another way to break my bones

What I did today should not be called living.

I woke up gasping after I’ve dreamed of someone who I like dying as I was admiring the view. He was standing at a window at about 5 in the morning at the first floor of an old block smoking a cigarette. He saw me and smiled but I hid my face behind a car in the parking lot. He then came out of the window looking for me. I ran laughing and when I looked back he was trembeling on the cold and wet ciment. I didn’t feel anything. Maybe a bit of relief which I can’t understand. I finally went to him after I thought he was dead..but he wasn’t and he whispered that I should take more care of myself. 

It was quite wierd that on my way to school he was waiting for me in the train station having the same big smile as I walked to him.


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